Hi! My name is Femke. I am a 26 year old innovation, healthcare and lifestyle fanatic.

I was raised in the Dutch city of technology, knowledge and design and this spurred me to pursue a career in a combination of these fields.

Is writing my absolute and only passion? Not necessarily, no. I am rather passionate about people. I want to know what drives them and what empowers them. Copywriting is merely a means for me to help people further. To put their aims, goals, visions into words.

Word count in writing is meaningless to me. It's about crafting, about writing just enough. Not too few words, and never too many. The same principle holds for designing and creating a corporate strategy. Quite often, less is more. To be able to 'see the forest through the trees' and focus on what works, I would like to get to know you. Together we will figure out what makes you happy and what it is that helps you to bring out the best in yourself or your company.

Femke van de Laar