Maximizing to the minimalism

Ah, that wonderful feeling when you manage to toss out half of your wardrobe! New space in your closet. No more overflowing drawers. Minimalism is great. Or – at least – it cán be great. But sometimes it gets out of hand. Here are five signs when you’ve gone maximal on minimalism (and you may have hit rock bottom):


1. All the forks are gone.

I repeat: all the forks – are – gone. You thought you didn’t need them anymore, because why eat with a fork if you can also use a spoon while eating out of a bowl? Bit lame of an example, but I had to attract your attention somehow in this overwhelming world of online overload. 🙂


2. Stress caused by 10 tees.

Stress is good. Until a certain extent. If you feel stressed because you own 10 (instead of 7) tees, get your sh*t together. Does society dictate it is not okay to own this amount of shirts? No, it doesn’t. There is no need to get rid of that extra three tees just for the sake of it. Marie Kondo wisely puts it: “Does it spark joy?”. If it brings you enough joy, keep it.


3. The unstoppable urge to get rid of everything.

Once you think that special CD gifted to you by your best friend takes up “too much space”, you may need to stop your thought process. It’s a CD, not a cabinet. Keep things because they hold value for you. If there are too many of these things, consider reducing the size of them or keeping a part. Or take a photo or video and store this digitally.


4. Not being able to sleep, because: possessions.

If you can’t fall asleep at night because you keep counting and evaluating your possessions, consider why this happens and figure out what you need to let go of these bizarre brainwaves. Easier said than done, though.


5. Constantly rambling about (organizing) stuff.

Structuring your way of life can be super helpful. So can be talking about this. But don’t overdo it. As soon as your conversational partner switches topic, take the bloody hint.


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